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Lincoln County, Montana

Uprising Archery packages are great for parties, picnics, camping and anytime that you want something fun and new to do with your family and friends.   We’ve come up with a variety of games to play with anywhere from 1-14 people.   
Pick up and drop off is currently in Libby, Montana.   Ask about how to franchise your own location!

Call 406.209.8996 for Reservations

Rental Packages

Family Flight. $60 per day
4 bows
4 masks
12 foam tipped arrows
2 targets

Clan Battle Pack. $110 per day
8 bows
8 masks
24 foam tipped arrows
2 targets

Archer’s Guild Pack. $160 per day
12 bows
12 masks
36 Foam Tipped Arrows
3 Targets

Epic Battle Pack. $210 per day
16 bows
16 masks
48 foam tipped arrows
4 targets.  

Fine Print
-All rental packages require a $100 refundable rental deposit.
-Packages not returned by the agreed upon date and time will be charged $10 per hour late fee.  
-Uprising Archery is not responsible for any damage or injury that occurs during the rental of the equipment.  
-Damaged equipment must be purchased at retail price.   
-The person or business renting the equipment takes responsibility for educating any players they invite to play on the safety rules of Arena Archery.  

Call 406.209.8996 for Reservations

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