Uprising Archery Lands in Libby, MT

It’d dodge ball with bows and arrows and it is available for parties and other gatherings in Lincoln County Montana! “Our game is really unique and intense,” said owner and game developer Mati Bishop. “We’ve taken the game of arrow tag, which is pretty much a variation of dodgeball, and riffed on it in allContinue reading “Uprising Archery Lands in Libby, MT”

Castle Battle Target Shooting Game (2-16 players)

Description Players are divided into two teams of equal numbers of players. Each team has a target on their half of the court. The team that eliminates all of the target spots on their target first is the winner. Rules-Players may not cross center line-Players hit by arrow must perform a consequence before continuing (5Continue reading “Castle Battle Target Shooting Game (2-16 players)”

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