Uprising Archery is a safe and realistic set of archery equipment that allows for full contact archery battles, target practice and more.


Our bows are 25lb draw re-curve bows. They are real bows, not toys. They work for both right and left handed shooters and are easy to learn to use. The shooter has control over how far they draw the bow, so you can “half draw” if you are playing with younger or less experienced athletes or let fly from a full draw and zing your friends.

We are currently working on sourcing bows for junior athletes unable to pull a 25lb bow. More info on these and other special edition bows is coming soon.

Our arrows come with a foam pad on the tip. They are tested to perform indoors (in big spaces), outdoors, and in all weather conditions.

Getting with an Uprising Archery arrow hurts way less than a paintball and has been endured with smiling faces by athletes as young as six years old.

The masks used for play in Arena Archery are paintball masks. Worn properly, they protect the face, eyes and ears from impact. They can be worn with eyeglasses and bandannas or masks to help alleviate concerns about the spread of COVID-19 or other viruses.

We are creating a wide variety of targets to incorporate into a wide variety of different games. Our classic five spot target is durable, easy to set up and provides multiple shots before reset.

More targets coming soon…

Bunkers and Cover
Most people use natural cover to play. For league and tournament play in the Arena Archery we have created durable pvc barriers to use.

More cover and barrier options are coming soon.


The absolute best part of the development of Uprising Archery is experimenting with different ways to play. We’ve come up with fun and exciting game variations for anywhere from 1-16 people. Of course, you can use your own creativity and come up with games for you and your friends as well.

Arena Archery
This is our signature game for league and tournament play. It is essentially a game of dodge ball with bows and arrows designed to be played with between five and seven players on each side.
Official Arena Archery Rules Coming Soon

Check out Our Games Page for More Ways to Play


Currently game rental and play is available in Lincoln Count Montana. We are based out of Libby and offer pick up of equipment at a variety of locations around town.
More locations coming soon

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