Uprising Archery Lands in Libby, MT

It’d dodge ball with bows and arrows and it is available for parties and other gatherings in Lincoln County Montana!

“Our game is really unique and intense,” said owner and game developer Mati Bishop. “We’ve taken the game of arrow tag, which is pretty much a variation of dodgeball, and riffed on it in all sorts of ways.”

The game is played with 25lb draw recurve bows and foam tipped arrows. Players are required to wear a face mask.

“The first thing that everyone asks is ‘does it hurt,'” said Bishop. “It hurts less than getting hit by a paintball. Most of the time when you get hit you’re just frustrated that someone got you. It doesn’t hurt much unless you get zinged somewhere soft.”

Equipment rental is now available for groups looking to do something unique for their party, reunion, camping trip or whatever other adventure they would like to experience it on.

“When a family or group rents our gear they are able to customize whatever games they want to play. We have some of our favorite ways to play up at PlayArenaArchery.com, but the key to having a great time is customizing your games to exactly how you want to play,” Bishop stated.

Rental is available in Lincoln County. Pick up locations are in Libby, MT. Families and groups can rent packages for 4, 8 or 12 players. Costs for a day of rental are between $13-$15 per player.

Fundraiser events, leagues and tournaments are in the works. Keep an eye out at PlayArenaArchery.com for announcements of events as they come online.

Published by Mati Bishop

A Realtor with Keller Williams Yellowstone Properties. Agent Number 89757. Supervising broker Chris Fraser #37931 Publisher of MontanaBugle.com

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