Castle Battle Target Shooting Game (2-16 players)


Players are divided into two teams of equal numbers of players. Each team has a target on their half of the court. The team that eliminates all of the target spots on their target first is the winner.

-Players may not cross center line
-Players hit by arrow must perform a consequence before continuing (5 puch-ups, touch a teammate, be touched by a teammate, etc…)
-Players may not block their target.
-If a player catches an arrow “clean” (on the fly, no bounce or deflection) the player who shot the arrow must perform the consequence.

Field Set-Up
Place One target on each side of center line. Suggested 10′ from center line for young or novice players. 20′ for intermediate players. 30′ for advanced play.

With any game, adjust rules to your level of play and comfort level. Remember the three rules that must always be followed in any game:

  1. Never Shoot Anything that Does Not Want to Or Is Not Ready to Be Shot
  2. Always wear your protective gear properly
  3. Make sure that everyone in your group is having fun

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